July 2009:
I got 6 chicks in May. They now live outside in a shed that is behind our garage. I am hoping to build them sometihng nice next year in the far back yard. We have hawks,raccoons,and I think opssums so I have to keep watch over my girls. Looking forward to getting some eggs in October. The kids have enjoyed having the chickens.My husband wants those eggs.I think for the most part they are my favorite. I love to just sit and watch them do their chicken things. I would love a rooster,but we are in the city,so that would be pushing it with the neighbors.

October 2009:
I sold my 3 white chickens.To much aggresion towards my sex-link girls.So I am left with 3.Moved the 3 into a temporary coop in the garage side room for the winter.Still working on the shed to keep water out,and added 2 plexi-glass windows. Planning to buy some more chicks in the spring. Have issues with hawks so far.8 hawks counted one day.I know there are raccoons,opossums,skunks,cats,and dogs around too!2010:
June 2010

Took in 6 chicks from the children's school in June.Turned out to be 5 hens and 1 rooster.Sadly the rooster died at the end of August 2010.Started getting blue/green eggs in November 2010.The 3 original hens are pretty darn mean towards the teens.Not sure how to stop the attacks.Hawk attacked in October but no injury/death.
Took in a rooster in April.His name is Limpy.We call him Jack Sparrow or Jackie Chan. Milly Bean died in December.Added a light to the coop.After 2 weeks we started to get eggs daily.