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Mattfullerocs Member Page

  1. mattfulleroc
    My first attempt to incubate eggs!!
    Day 1 4:00 AM....... 7 Lavender Orphington Eggs Begin Incubating
    [​IMG]http[​IMG]artist and lives in Mississippi.

    Temperature: 99.5 Humidity 41%
    4:10 Temperature fell a bit
    9:00 AM temp 99.6 Humidity 42%
    9:10 AM Turned eggs
    10:05 Temp 98.1 Humidity 41%
    TODAY IS DAY 21. I have no idea whether the egg is going to hatch or not. It is not moving or anything but I suppose I need to simply be patient. It was alive at day 15 but it was the only one so I am facing having a single chick if it hatches. I need to find a stand by chick so it is not by itself but I am afraid to Jinx it!

    12:00 turned eggs
    2:21 Temperature 99.3 Humidity 43% [​IMG]
    4:17 Temp. 99.7 humidity 43%
    530 turned eggs
    Day 10 After a very discouraging day 8 candling today renewed my spirits as one of the eggs now has a very pronounced heart beat!!!

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