I'm hooked.
I was raised with chickens on our township lot, that's when my love for chickens began. Dad raised chickens for eggs, and meat. One to two hundred in our flocks, it was a process to care for our brood. But aside from the butcher room, which I avoided, I enjoyed every minute.
My brother Jay and I are now the ones to carry on the legacy. He has been raising chickens, using Dad's methods, for several successful years. Visiting, caring for his when he and my sister in law vacation, made me yearn all the more for my own flock.
So spring 2011 was finally my year. After seeing my brother's chicken's my husband finally agreed to make a coop and let me order six chickens.
The ordering process was a blast. When it was time for Jay to place his spring order, we looked through the breed brochure, and I wrote down my order. But 6 led to 8, then to 9, 10,12, and finally 12 pullets and a cockerel.
My choice was 4 barred rock, 2 New Hampshire Reds, one which was to be the cockerel, 3 silver lace wyandottes, 2 golden lace wyandottes, 1 auracauna, and a buff orpington. I'm in seventh heaven, and my little flock is a light in my life!