Hello! My name is: I Forgot.

I live on 22 acres of land, I have 2 dogs, Charlie and Gregory, and I have 27 hens and 1 gorgeous rooster.

I have one dad, one mom, two older sisters, one older brother, and two younger sisters. I LOVE big families. Our family is actaully pretty small compared to our friends.
I love horses! I am volunteering for disabled children who ride horses. It's the best thing I've ever been a part of!
I am happy to say I am Catholic. I attend the Latin Mass and sing in the choir.
I am homeschooled, go find me on practically EVERY page of the homeschooler thread.
I know Chickendiva25, The Lone Rhubarb, and imachickenprincess. They are all really GOOD friends of mine!
I play piano, and I sorta play the guitar.
I really want to meet every BYCer out there! I love, love, love BYC!
I do not have Facebook, a cell phone, or an ipod. Geez, who knew you could live without those!?! (Although, I do want those!)