In July after the 4H fair, we found out that for the 4H auction, egg layers couldn't be included so we thought we needed to figure out market hens for next years fair. So we went to the local feed store and ordered 25 Cornish X. Raised them on a half/half mix of buckwheat feed & Dumor 20%. We were amazed by how different our meaties were and had a totally different experience with these eating, pooping, growing machines!! Started in a large Rubber Maid tub in the porch, then to a large 4'x4' box in the back garage and then to a Ware mini coop with a run. We fenced in a 12 x 20 foot area by the back garage so they got out and excercised. We let them go 10 weeks and then brought them to a near by processor in Dennison MN who charged $1.75 fresh & $2 flash frozen. I am in grad school and a teacher so in the fall, time is a premium - it was worth it. They process on Mondays and the fresh birds were ready by noon, frozen the next day. The processor folks said we had nice birds. We ranged from 7-10 lbs before processing AND the meat is wonderful.  We right away sold 10 for $100 which was too low, but was to a friend. So with such a great experience and nice meet, we decided to try two batches of 40 next year. We will try to pre-sell some...  have to figure out a little more room. Have been looking at the pvc tractors and some other types of coops. Any ideas - pls PM  Have to try to figure out how to get some picture on here!!