We have Golden Comet layers, White Rock meat chickens, turkeys and breed/show chickens at our friends' farm. We keep a small group of 5 layers in our backyard, in the town limits, as allowed. We took Grand and Reserve meat pens last year!!!! We missed 3rd place and ended up with a 4th, too, or we'd have had a sweep at our county fair in 2011 ~All from our barn! (3 kids showing).

We also show rabbits and recently attended the ARBA Mini Convention in Columbus, Ohio (May, 2012) We made top 10 meat pens, there, finishing 6th at meat pen nationals!

We are going to show turkeys this summer at our county and state fairs for the first time. We raised some for Thanksgiving last year, so thought we'd give it a try; why not?

We did the same with pigs, and will be showing pigs this summer, too!

l love animals so so much~