We live in Omaha, Nebraska. So when we said we were getting chickens we got a few WHATS?!? from family and friends. Yes Nebraska is full of farm land but not in Omaha. I went to Tractor Supply Co. on May 3, 2009 just to get some biodegradable pellets for our cat litter box and it was during chick days so I couldn't resist I brought home two Production Red pullets, a heat lamp, some chicken feed and a feeder oh and the pellets for the cats, hehe! My husband was a little shocked but excited non the less. We had talked about getting chickens he just didn't know I was going to come home with them at that time.
May2009024.jpg May2009039.jpg
May2009013.jpg May2009031.jpg
The boys LOVED them! Now just to get them a coop built and a permit, hehe, I hadn't done that part yet! I called the people I needed to about a permit and they said just get the coop built and they would come out with the permit for six chicks when checking out the coop.
(our two week old pullets)

We went to TSC again about two weeks later (middle May 2009) looking for a water feeder and a warmer light baulb. They had more chicks =) and again since we were getting a permit for six chicks I asked if he wanted to get a few more, the lady walking by said "You better grab them while they last, this is the last shipment for us." So we grabbed two Silver Laced Wyandottes.
May2009063.jpg May2009068.jpg
The chicks are getting bigger and we are starting the coop! (May 28, 2009) The chickens have been in the house up to this point but they are just getting too big to all keep in the same tote.
May2009252.jpg May2009237.jpg May2009248.jpg
May2009257.jpg Evanandbird.jpg

My husband is starting the coop. He found some 2 x 4's in a dumpster, and went and bought the plywood for the sides and roof. We just want a smaller coop since we live in a smaller house and don't have a huge backyard, and almost half of the backyard is garden! =)

Here again, a year later (April 2010) and we just got two Ameraucana chicks after updating our permit to house more chickens. The other chickens are all laying now, infact today we got 8 eggs with only 6 chickens! Two of them must have layed twice. :) In September 2009 we found a local farm and got two white chicks, not totally sure what breed they are yet but they are also laying now too.

April2010005.jpg April2010012.jpg April2010125.jpg
April2010150.jpg April2010168.jpg April2010167.jpg
April2010165.jpg April2010187-1.jpg April2010195-1.jpg
April2010198.jpg April2010197.jpg
While my husband tilled the chickens followed and ate all the worms and grubs and goodies! They loved it, they followed him the whole time. There is a picture of them sitting on our door step, they like to wait for me to throw out leftovers after meals. And there are pics of the new chicks with Millie and the boys. And what our chickens give us each day! EGGS!!