Jan 28th 2010[/FONT]


The Poultry Palace

The property had been abandoned for 4 years, there were all sorts of critters
[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]that moved in the house...it was horrible..No-one could imagine ever living in it lol[/FONT]


Last summer before we moved in..it needed alot of work, with the help of some good
friends, we gutted it & re-did the entire inside.


Livingroom- before we fixed it

livingroom- after we fixed it


livingroom to diningroom - before we fixed it

livingroom to diningroom- after we fixed it


kitchen - before we fixed it

kitchen- after


[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]The grass was like a jungle, we had so much cutting to do [/FONT]


[FONT=comic sans ms,sand](view of the 1/4 mile long driveway, before it was paved) [/FONT]

Now that my son is 2, we decided it was time to introduce him to some poultry.


And boy, does he love the birds.


And this is me

This pic does my partridge roo no justice, he is gorgeous & has a nice small comb. His foot feathering is massive & - he is the nicest partridge roo I have ever had. His pretty lady was killed .



I have always preferred roos over hens, they are better looking to me. I usually end up with more roos than I need, because I love having them around.


Silkies- before the barn

2 newly hatched white runners..these have some amazing blood lines, I have high hopes for them.

Kendall & Campbell- I took these boys as a rescue..they have great personalities & spent most of their lives living indoors. I am not breeding
Swedish, Im just giving them a nice home.



White runners ..they stand so upright already.
Blue giant cochins , black silkies & theres a blue one in there.


Pure Java green- I love these..peafowl are my FAVORITE kind of bird. I love how theyre so nosey & great watchdogs
and such cuddly babies..even grown. However, its not so easy to dodge a fully grown peacock trying to land on your shoulder.


My line of cuckoo silkies, along with a white rooster from Royal. Kathy from Royal bred some amazing white silkies. She sent me this white roo, I couldnt belive how HUGE he was.
I put years & years into getting my line of cuckoos
to look like this, It all started with a cuckoo cochin rooster. I bred him to a silkie & just kept on going.


Not so easy to keep the muscovies out of the pool


One of the baby pens..I am all set with buff silkies..theyre NO fun to work with.


protector of the flock "Darian"


My 2 Herders Darian & Mia- The most trustworthy dogs- these girls are great with the birds


peafowl & guineas


India blues & (Butterball) the very tame Royal palmetto..so tame that he would let me polish his nails.
I bought him the day before thanksgiving at 1 day old. He spent his younger days playing in the sand on Fernandina beach, on Amelia island (FL)
He certainly was a crowd pleaser on the beach lol
[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Since he grew up with 2 dogs, he thought he was a dog. he plays fetch with a ball & loves squeaky toys. [/FONT]


More like Terradactyl eggs

Heres the first 4 that hatched, I hatched 8 out of 8. I decided although they were cute..im not that much of
a large waterfowl person. These guys made the biggest mess I have ever seen lol. I forgot that i wasnt too thrilled with
geese, and these guys are exactly like geese..so they went to nice new homes. Hatching them was a great
experience & id love to hatch some again..but thats it for large waterfowl for me.


These 5 peachix are my newest babies, I bought 3 & hatched 2. Im not even sure what the smaller ones will be. I have had plenty of peafowl, but mainly javas.
So the only ones ive hatched were either java or spaldings. These guys are going to stay indoors for quite a while, i want them very tame.

baby-boy Christian Alexander ..he turned 3 on 12-24-09



I went to TSC in March, I just wanted a few pullets- well they had a min. of 6 law> So i got what they called assorted pullets.
They turned out to be Dekalb Amberlinks..prolific layers..many days these girls give me 2 eggs each!!..but they DO NOT sit. I raised them in the house for about a month.
Theyre very friendly & super nosey & they rule the barn.
Lately theyve been showing an interestest in my son, whenever he bends over or sits- they all come running & get close to his face & turn their heads in funny ways & just stare at him..its so funny.
For some reason theyre fascinated by him. Amberlinks, not a breed i would pick, i prefer fancy looking chix- they came from Mt healthy hatchery & i highly recommend this breed- theyre so nice & tame


The peachix are doing great, Ive just moved them out into the barn, in a stall with a raised wire floor. I kept them in as long as possible-1 is ez to keep in, but 5 is not lol




Modern games- WOW..these are some interesting & super friendly chickens..I would love to get more, in other colors..theyre crow sounds like a toy- I cant wait to start getting babies from mine. well..the female was killed, so now i need a girlfriend for him.

Spring will be here soon, this year I will have black, blue & splash standard cochins..my roos are huge.
[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Also will have muscovy eggs , runner eggs & some more goodies[/FONT],[FONT=comic sans ms,sand] as for the silkies I dont know when i will have any to let go. I will be doing[/FONT]

[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]alot of color/pattern experimenting this spring with my silkies.