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By Kayana · May 8, 2015 ·
  1. Kayana
    Ok, so I have started to get chickens, and I now have 17 of them, we are very happy with them, and they are such fun to watch. At the time we have 7 Banty's (Some are mixed), RIR, Silkies, and one very small white one that I cant think of what he/she is. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    this one is when I first got my Smokey Creampuff and Raven Creampuff
    mixes (the two real small chicks
    are the pullets that I got at Tractor
    Supply (I believe they are RS).

    This is Barney (Banty Roo) This is Snowflake (Barney's Girl)

    I have also got a small white Banty (that's what I am thinking she is), I have not got pics of her yet. I have 3 Red Star Pullets. No pictures yet sorry. Will get them up as soon as I can. We have another Banty Roo as well but he's black and white with Red waddles and crest. And a grey Banty Hen as well (Fred and Wilma are they're names) *my husband named them so of course they are not very intellectually named*. Snowball is our little white Banty chick and he is just a nut.
    We love our chickens and to us they are part of the family. They are the glue that binds all of us nuts together. As you can see we tied Barney out. He didn't even care he just went on strutting his stuff and crowing like the world belongs to him. Snowflake is my little angel she loves to be pet, held and cuddled (very unusual for a Bantam Hen). But she loves it, if I even go near her cage she is all about the "Take me out and cuddle me" thing. She goes on rides with me as well. My other special angel is Rosie. She loves truck rides, and loves to be part of my life, she's very curious, loves to be out and loves to ride on my terrier mix's back.
    [​IMG] This is the best picture I have at the time of that small white fuzzy ball (snowball) we are thinking she is a hen because this is her 4th week here and no crest or waddles yet. She too has feathers on her feet. I was thinking that maybe she was part silkie, but after investigating, there are more then just Silkies out there that have feathered feet. So I do not know what she is.
    [​IMG][​IMG] This is Rosie. She is a bantam mix and I am not sure what, and I really don't care, because she is the baby of the baby's. We was at a relatives house here, and as you can see she is perfectly content with me holding her. She actually likes to ride in the truck, and she sits right in the middle on the seat divider (with a towel under her of course). And she just sits there and looks around. She did fly off my shoulder one time, when I was adjusting my shirt (not in the truck obviously), and she landed and ran right back to me, she wouldn't let my husband pick her up at all. She is just my baby and she knows it. I have been holding her since day one of her arrival and she will not have it any other way. She is SPOILED!
    My other Banty loves to be held as well, and there is always a controversy with her and Rosie, they are both very jealous of each other, so as a result I have to take them out separately. My husband of course thinks I am nuts because I love them so much, but oh well, he is raised country style and he is one of them types that don't see chickens past commodity uses.
    This is not my picture, but this is almost exactly what my White Silkie looks like. Except her earlobes are an emerald green color rather then blue, and she does not have that much feathers on her feet/legs. I think that the previous owners pulled them for sanitary reasons while she was in the coop. She is very flighty though, and even though she is a big sweetheart to me, she hates other chickens (So I have to keep her in her own cage). I do not know why she is that way, but she is. She doesn't like the "pick up" process but once I get her in my arms she is all about the ear scratching and head scratching. She just doesn't trust anyone really, and after I actually get her out, she's fine, just getting her out is the thing. She will learn though that I am there to love her, not hurt her in any way. Trust with birds are just as hard if not more hard to earn then dogs and cats.
    I have raised birds all my life (domestic pet birds such as tiels and parrots), so as far as birds in general I know what to do. Chickens are different of course, but they require the same care as any other bird (when it comes to basics) and just like tiels and parrots, they have they're own personality and routines. I do know that chickens tend to be a little more flighty then your standard parrot or cockatiel, but they probably think quite a like. I have taken bites from Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, Conjures, cockatiels, pretty much everything (and yes even chickens). And for the most part I have noticed that it really only takes one bite, once they find you are not afraid, they really don't bite you to much more. Even the "BIG" parrots like Macaws. They can take your hand off if they really wanted to. But I am looking forward to raising these beautiful birds, and hope to build a trusting, and loving relationship with them.

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