Chicken Hotel
Hello Everyone. I hope to have some more things on this in a few days. My name is Carole and I live in Western South Carolina. I am new to this site and think its just GREAT!! I don't have a big brood yet but am happy with my 2 hens Birtha,
. and of course the big man BIG Ben. I know they are a cross between Rhode Island Red and something. Maybe someone can help me with that. They are about two years old. Two of the hens lay, but got this one Sadie, she lays bantom size eggs and they are spotted. Right now their home is a lean to shed, but hopefully I will have a real Coop de ville soon. I have looked at some of the pics of the coops, they are so neat. I don't have a lot of room for a big one. The rest of my family here at home is cats, 3 dogs a colony of honey bees. My other family lives out of state. Son retired from US Navy with 20 years, he and his family live in Stafford Va. My daughter lives in Hendersonville NC with her family

Updated May 25, 2010 My brood has made a increase since I last posted something. I now have two roosters, Big Red still around and have Mean George!!! Big Black Australorpe. I also have 4 new Buff Orpingtons. I hatched 3 baby chickens in my homemade incubator in April. Big Red is there daddy and the Buffs the mama. I have three different looking chicks from them. I am posting a picture.
This picture here #1



Is #1 a rooster or hen, it is only about 2 1/2 months old. I was given the egg for this chick at the feed store. I had forgot about that when I set them in the incubator. It was the first one to hatch. It is an Americana I think. The ones in the # 2 photo are mixed, maybe orpington and a RR. The rooster is a RR
Fall of 2010 The MEAN Australorpe rooster is no longer with us. He was mean one too many times.!!!

I will have some new photos of some later additions, I now have a total of 10 chickens. Still have Big Red, 1 Americana hatched in the incubator, 1 mixed roo rr/buff hatched early fall by buff hen