Meriden Connecticut Chicken Ordinance

Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
Max Chickens Allowednone specified
Roosters AllowedNo
Permit RequiredNo
Coop Restrictionsas to location
City/Organization Contact name
Additional InformationARTICLE IV (NOTE: there are different restrictions depending on the TYPE of residential area) Residential Districts § 213-13. [400] Rural Residential R-R-District. A. [400.1] The purpose of this district shall be to assist in the creation of areas of relatively open character for single-family dwellings on individual lots, as well as for preservation of open space and more efficient development through cluster development on appropriate sites, and to provide for facilities and uses which serve residents of those areas and for uses which are benefited by and are beneficial to an open residential environment. B. [400.2] Permitted uses. No building or premises may be used, in whole or in part, for any purpose except those listed below: (1) [400.2.1] Permitted uses by right. (a) [1)] Single-family dwellings. (b) [2)] Municipal or public uses and buildings. (c) [3)] Public and private utility substations. (d) [4)] Child care provider -- Class II, provided that 1) all play apparatus must be located in the rear yard, 2) parking shall be required at a rate of one space per 3,000 feet of gross floor area dedicated to day care use or one per every six children, whichever is greater, 3) sanitary sewers and public water shall be required, and 4) residential structures converted to day care use must retain the residential character of the building and be architecturally similar to the surrounding residential properties. [Added 2-3-1992] (2) [400.2.2] Uses permitted subject to issuance of a special exception permit by the Zoning Board of Appeals in accordance with the requirements of § 213-56; (a) [1)] Places of worship and public assembly, including parish houses, parochial schools, meeting rooms and recreation facilities customarily accessory to such uses. (b) [2)] Crop and tree farming, keeping of farm animals, except for fur-bearing animals raised for commercial pelting, greenhouses or nurseries. (c) [3)] Riding academies and stables for rental to the general public of animals in the equine family or commercial kennels, subject to the following conditions: [1] [(a)] The minimum site area for any of the above uses shall be three acres. [2] [(b)] No barn, shelter or other building used for the housing of said animals or the storage of feed and supplies shall be located closer than 60 feet to any property line. Waste materials shall not be stored or located closer than 100 feet to any property line. [3] [(c)] The area used for grazing, exercising or training of said animals shall be securely fenced to prevent the animals from straying and to provide adequate protection to keep the general public from entering the enclosures., et al
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