We live in the City of Roanoke nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in southwestern Virginia. While one day we hope to have a farm with acreage, we're making do with our postage stamp City 'pasture' with modified poultry tractor and small semi-permanent hoophouse coop and Sanford & Son roost. Its deep bed coop and the hay/compost is given to friends for their gardens throughout the year-

We're raising chickens at home mostly for egg production. No roosters allowed per City Code, so they're culled, sold, or given away. We started with BBW turkeys for the holiday and ended up getting some heritage fertile eggs in Spring 2010. Of the hatch, we've eaten a few and are keeping some as barter/breeding stock. For meat, we partner with friends with acreage to raise both Freedom Ranger and Cornish Xs. We average raising/processing around 100/summer.
In Spring 2011, we picked up a breeding pair of California/New Zealand rabbits. We co-located them in elevated 'homes' about the chicken coop floor.


Started out with this Chicken Tractor but quickly out grew. It became the brooder tractor for awhile but the property/soil couldn't handle the N load.

BBWs 2008. Happy Thanksgiving.