The Wootton Family Farm
(still to be named)
Our family began on April Fool's Day 2007. We have 6 children (his and hers) and there will be NO ours. They range in age from 17 down to 8 and are a bundle of fun.
Our farm family includes 2 Tennessee Fainter goats with hopes of babies in the spring, 3 Old English Southdowne babydoll sheep.... all ewes, 1 duck, 1 rescued turkey, 2 Red Bourbon turkeys add to be her friend, and 8 breeds of chickens. The inside animals include 2 cats and an attempted duck killer(aka Min Pin) dog. We added an English Mastiff pup to our inside animals. A Christmas surprise for my DH. 18 pounds.... and growing!
We are new to chickens although I had them as a kid. We are loving every minute of it... from hatching, to raising, to nursing the injured. What a blast!
Wishing I had found Backyardchickens sooner. You all have been a great help with information.

Will attempt to put pictures up soon..... or get my computer-man dh to do it for me.