Finally, we have baby chicks! We have a motley little crew of 15 for the moment....don't know how many will be hens and how many will be roosters, only time will tell! Our chicks are being added to the rest of our crew....1 buckskin Quarter Horse mare, 1 sable collie, 5 bunnies, 3 rats, 1 cat, 4 children, 1 husband and a cherry on top. LOL
4-22-11 Happy Good Friday! Our chicks are growing and doing very well. We are loving every minute of our time with them. I am very excited as ALL my kids are having fun with them! My 6 year old and my 9 year old are not big fans of animals so it has been great to see them get involved as well!!! We are just anxiously playing the waiting and guessing game to see which chicks we get to keep! Then will come the hard part....but for now we are having a blast!!!!
6-5-11 Have not done very well at keeping this updated....chicken math has affected us a couple of times since we got our initial batch of chicks...we have lost 3 (as baby babies) and we now KNOW for sure with our older chicks and some of our younger chicks who are pullets and who are cockerals. We are joyfully keeping a 1 black maran, 1 blue maran, 1 blue laced red wyandotte, 1 blue olive egger, 1 barnevelder, 1 black cochin, 1 blue black cochin, 1 barred rock, 2 speckled sussex, 1 silver laced wyandotte and 2 buff orpingtons. We also have nine 2 1/2 week old cochins...we are pretty sure the 6 are us 2 buff, 1 partridge, 2 blues, and 1 silver laced. Thank goodness we are finding homes for our some of our roosters...4 have found homes where the get to be roosters and 4 (the most aggressive ones) have been given to a friend and will be someone's dinner. The remaining we are trying to find rooster homes for....
Our older chicks are out side in a temporary run (dog kennel borrowed from a friend) and they come in at night to the safety of their brooder box while we build our coop and run. Our younger chicks are still in the house, but may get moved out on the porch very soon. This spring the weather has been crazy! Delaying our building and moving chicks out on the porch or outside! We are getting there.
We continue to have a blast and are very much enjoying our chicks. Carrying our chicks in and out every day....definitely has its our already very friendly and hand raised chicks are getting handled a couple times a day and are even more friendly!!! We are loving it!!!!!