We are located in the beautiful state of Alaska!

My birds keep me sane during the long winter days. Cabin fever? Who has time! We have French BCMs, Delawares and Bobwhite Quail.
We have added White Crested-Black Polish LF and we are working on Blue Copper Marans this year as well.
Our love for our feathered kids started
back in 2005 when we saw 5 "rescue" chickens needing a home. The first few summer months they lived in a rabbit hutch while we built the left side of our coop.
While doing research on breeds that we were interested in and learning how endangered the Delaware chicken was we decided to keep a pair of pullets and a
rooster. Then in 2009 a friend of ours informed us that he had chicks hatching from his Black Copper Marans flock. He graciously sent us 19 chicks all the way from Kansas to start our flock with. We then decided to add the right side to the coop.....Over time the rescue chickens moved on to new homes and new breeds joined us. The rest is all history.......Many can relate, I am so thankful I married such a patient, loving man!

This is our coop! The left side now consists of our Dellies, along with a flight cage that goes out the back side for the quail who are housed in their own pen. There is also a brooder in there for new chicks. The right side will consist of our Marans, Both Black Coppers and Blues.

Here's our BCM Roo "Norman" All grown up Norman10Months.jpg

This is Norman when he was much younger. This is Kramer, he has since been re-homed.


One of our beautiful pullets



This guys name is "Mayo" he is our Dellie Roo....he was also pretty young in this photo

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