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Mkkimmens Member Page

By MKKimmen, Jan 11, 2012 | |
  1. MKKimmen

    ~Our Back Yard Flock~

    Our Chicken Coop that my Hubby built.

    Whitey Girl, our 4 month old White Leghorn


    Brownie, one of our 4 month old Rhode Island Red's


    Lacy, our 4 month old Silver Laced Wyandotte


    All of our 4 month old girls: Red and Brownie our RIR's, Lacy our SLW, and Whitey Girl our White Leghorn


    Buffy, our 12 month old Buff Orpington


    Our two 12 month old Isa Brown's


    Our Fist Egg from our older girls (May 2010)

    Our 1 month old little one's! (July 2010)
    Star, our BSL/Black Star. Oreo, our Barred Rock. Rocky, our Barred Rock Roo, and Izzy, our Isa Brown

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