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  1. mlongworth
    These are the seeds i have available for the seed swap. You can mix and match to 30 seeds. All seeds are non-GMO and most are heirloom.

    These are seeds I saved last year

    Painted Mountain Corn 100 available

    Brown Maskal Teff 100 available

    Mammoth Sunflower 100 available

    Black Oil Seed Sunflower (BOSS) 100 available

    Trout Beans 40 available

    Conneticut Field Pumpkin 20 available

    Charentais Melon 30 available

    These are seeds I have from Bountiful Gardens

    Parisian Gherkin Cucumber 10 available

    Pinto Beans 40 available

    Sugar Beets 40 available

    Chantenay Carrots 100 available

    Solstice Broccoli 40 available

    Vertus Savoy Cabbage 10 available

    Snowball Cauliflower 30 available

    White Russian Kale 50 available

    Southport White Globe Onion 50 available

    White Spear Green Onion 50 available

    Welsh Onion (perennial) 50 available

    Waltham Butternut Squash 10 available

    Purple Hulless Barley 100 avail.

    Hulless Spring Oats 100 avail.

    Fercita Amaranth 100 avail.

    Culinary Flax 100 avail.

    Pearl Millet 100 avail.

    Organic Dormant Alfalfa
    Cereal Rye (not sure how many available on these 4 until they get here)
    Hard Red Spring Wheat

    Borage 20 avail.

    Boneset 20 avail.

    Cumin 30 avail.

    Feverfew 50 avail.

    Baikal Skullcap 40 avail.


    It will be 2-4 weeks before anything listed below will ship depending on the weather

    Flower bulbs I have available will be 2-3 , only 6 each available until i can check my numbers

    Pink Surprise Lilly
    Asiatic Lilly

    Fruit 1-2 starts depending on size, only 6 available on these also


    Red Raspberry

    Black Raspberry

    Black Mulberry

    Will have several types of mint starts in the spring

    Things I am looking for

    Plymouth Rock hatching eggs

    Berry starts any kind I want to have a big variety

    Herbs what do you have


    Grapes or fruit tree starts




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  1. Tammy N
    What kinda Grapes and Fruit trees I ahve and always nee more LOL also Looking for a seed but not sure if i can ask on the list for the scarlet runner Beans ,

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