We first decided to get chickens last spring and our day-olds arrived in the mail May 2010. 8 tiny, adorable fluffy butts in a box! Loved them! A couple months later, we were given a pair of bantam buff brahmas. Who knew raising chickens would be so... addictive?! Certainly not my boyfriend! So, this spring we added a couple gold laced wyandottes, because the neighbor had them and they were such cute babies! THEN, I discovered hatching eggs on-line. So, I got a couple incubators and hatched blue ameraucanas, dominiques, bantam cochins and spotted australian ducklings. I don't want an over abundance of poultry, really, I don't! But, I do want a couple representatives of several different breeds that I find interesting and/or are heritage breeds. Seriously considering adding a couple turkeys. Jersey buffs perhaps... Wish we had more land!*Michelle*