Hi! I am new here and to the whole feathered friend world! I don't have a whole lot to add right at the moment, but a big hi to everyone on BYC! I will say, my name is Mandi, my wonderful other half is Mike, and I half 4 chicklings of my own. Cj,13, Zia, 6, Mikey, 2 and our littlest is Mace who's 1. I love that my kids get so excited over the chickens! Right now we have a Maine coon cat, an Oriental Shorthair cat, 4 silkies, 2 showgirl sikies, and 5 baby chicks(2 Buff Orpington & 3 Delawares), our very first hatch! I am so happy to have these, but hatching is way stressful! Ok, I let it be, but it went very wrong the first time we tried. Electric went off right in the middle of hatch time, the 3 were out but still wet, and 2 were pipped. No more made it after that.
After that was over, the very next day our other incubator full of eggs took a poop and we woke up to it just under 90 degrees. I hope this gets easier, because I do enjoy it and have surprised myself how much I love these birds!

We all reside in a tiny little farmette in Elizabethtown, PA, right on the border to Hershey...the sweetest place on earth

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. I'll add more as I figure more out!