[FONT=georgia,palatino]MY PEEPS
These are my peeps. This is the first time raising chickens. I had no idea how satisfying it could be. I absolutely love our chickens. We have three 6 week old chicks, Cookies, Cream and Sprinkles (named by my kids). Sprinkles is the Barred Rock. I can't remember what breed Cookies and Cream are. I thought they were Americaunas but was just looking at some pictures and they don't look like it. Guess I'll have to find out.[/FONT]​
My kitty really wants to get on the other side of the glass. ;-)

[FONT=georgia,palatino][FONT=georgia,palatino]I just went and took some pics of our new coop. We still need to put shingles on it, add some better wiring around the bottom and put some under the hinged doors on top for the ventilation, build nesting boxes and a perch, put in hanging feeders, but here it is. They seem to like it. We even have a ladder that can be pulled up at night to lock them in. :)


[FONT=georgia,palatino][FONT=georgia,palatino][FONT=georgia,palatino]Just realized today that the living space is not high enough. :-(
We'll have to modify into a side by side or rebuild.

[FONT=georgia,palatino]Funny video of my peeps at about 4 weeks old.[/FONT]
Okay, today I found out that the girls are 6 weeks old and that my two gold ones are Gold Sex Links.

Well, they finally started laying eggs! Yeah. Sprinkles laid hers first last week and now the other two are laying too. Check out my eggs...