Our property was a chicken farm for many, many years but then the farmer got older, he stopped raising chickens and the buildings fell into disrepair. Eventually the house and land found its way into our hands and we decided we would once again like to keep some chickens here. At first glance the original chicken coops and barn looked decent although needing a number of repairs. After a closer look we decided we needed to start fresh and that having chickens might need to wait. After awhile we realized we could convert another building (what used to be the store building where the farmer sold his eggs from) into a lovely chicken coop instead. The previous owners (between the farmer and us) left the building absolutely disgusting, but it was of sound construction and had great potential with a room for the chickens, an addition room for storing feed and other supplies and a large covered outdoor space that we could fence off for the chickens to enjoy during the nice weather.

The actual coop was covered in dead mold/mildew. It was also dark, unventilated and filthy.

We scrubbed and cleaned for days! Then added two coats of paint, 2 huge picture windows, 3 air vents, a chicken door, 3 heat lamps for warmth, food and waterers, some baby roosts and a whole bunch of young chickens. The storage room was also scrubbed and now holds a work table, big trash can, tubs full of feed, scratch, grit and oyster shell as well as brooms, paper towels and other cleaning supplies.



Now we just need to finish off the outside of the coop before the snow gets too deep for us to do any work (or even want to go outside!)