I have always wanted chickens but never lived somewhere that allowed them. Now my city just passed an ordinance allowing 4 hens and I am so excited. I have researched a ton and we started the coop and ordered my chicks. The hatch day is april 6th 2009 so just one week left before the babes are here. I decided to go with bantams and looking at the polish and silkies so depending on what hatches from the breeder depends on which colors I ens up with.
The coop is going good so far. We live in MN so we have to make sure it is well insulated for our bone chillin' cold winters. I am so not looking forward to going out there everyday to tend to them but I know that is going to come with the territory of being a good chicken momma. I guess it will toughen me up a little more. We are very limited to how the coop can look and the size due to the restrictions of the city. I wish it could be big enough to walk into but that isn't an option so I am trying to work magic with what I can do.