We are Mollee and Rico from Memphis!
we are the "parents" of five full grown "girls"
Flo ,
Daisy, Dolly, Lily, and Lou

We used to have two others, Milly and Myrtle but they didn't sruvive their 2nd molting. After their demise we seriously cleaned and sanitized (bleached) the hen house and let it .. "air" for about a month; giving Flo the run of the backyard and rigging up roost and home for her. As we had just redesigned and had a newly built hen house, we adopted four other girls.
The new area for our girls is 14 X 30 with the dimensions of their house being 4 x 8 x 4. We do not have it covered, as in spring summer there are grapevines the grow over about 2 x 5 feet of the run, plus their is the coverage under the house as the house is raised 2 ft. off the ground.

Our first coop/chicken house was 2 x 4 in a 12 x 9 foot run
We've learned a lot about what we want and what we don't want
and what NOT to do ... ahem.. nothing teaches better than learning by doing.