Welcome to my chicken web page.

We presently have our a Black Austrolorp, Miss Chickie who is the queen of the coop.A position she has noallowed any of those little blondes forget! But as long as they remember their position they're all snug as a bug in a rug when they're in the coop for the night. And then of course we have our 6 Buff Orpingtons and what can one say about the except they are just TOO SWEET & start out looking like little sugar peeps at East that you could just pop in your mouth and eat!

They were SO small!​

We've come a long way over the past 2 years.
My husband and I have learned so much over the past 3 years through experience and of course Backyard Chickens was a huge part of that education as well. Recently while I was on a forum asking a question someone mentioned they wished I had more pictures on my page here & that's when I realized that an update is like 2 summers over due! So I'm going to ad some pictures and information gradually because I'm not sure I can do it all in one sitting. Not only is there a lot of information but I'm still new to the editing tool for this web page and so I ask everyone please bear with me as I update my page.
My beautiful backyard.........
I'm so lucky to live where I do! In this picture you can see my main coop which we call "The Country Club" that is shaded by the Redwood tree and has an enclosure attached to it. Inside that enclosure is a little bunny hutch I use for my ducks in the winter & many hens will move there when they go broody. There are trees as well as a split rail fence that separate the pool area from the rest of the yard. The split rail runs around the entire pool area. The garden area is in the far back & is also sectioned off from the rest of the yard with a split rail & then the entire backyard is enclosed with a split rail fence with sire attached and now tht we have the chickens there's an electric fence attached to the top as well... The 2nd chicken coop can be seen just behind and to the right of The Country Club and we call this one "The Garden Club" because it is ajacent to the garden... I thought the names would just be cute but last winter my husband and I realized we really needed names for the coops or we'd become confused in conversation as to which we were speaking of & it was easier to say "The Country Club" rather than "the coop that is no attached to the garden....

IMG_3019.jpg From the Original group of Buff Orpingtons come my Mr. Standoffish and clearly he is a rooster that is just completely full of himself and even seems to like the camera. When my Orpingtons were chicks one of the first signs that Mr. Standoffish was a rooster is that the other chicks who would turn out to be pullets were all so easy going & they'd look to jump on my arm or wrist to perch there, but Mr. Standoffish well he as ALWAYS just a little standoffish with me. Being an Orpington he was & is pretty docile but unlike the girls he did NOT enjoy being touched. He took his responsibilities as a rooster so serious for a while I'd considered naming him Serious because he was always so serious about his duties I think he hatched watching out for his pullets & hens..... I don't know breed standard and I can't imagine he's a good representation of that standard but he's proved to be such an asset to my backyard flock & while many roosters have gone to freezer heaven here he remains because of his great nature. When 1 of our young hens went broody for the first time she decided after just 3 wks she'd had enough of them and returned to her perch at night & would no longer free range with the little pullets but Mr. Standoffish stepped in shocking both my husband & myself with his gentleness with any and all chicks in the yard. He actually took over free ranging the yard & finding food with those little pullets and would feed them the way their mother once had. He continues to feed all of his flock including chicks in the yard and weather he was standoffish with me or not he was labled a keeper....

2 of my buff Orpintons hens looking in the door as I clean out the cage I had th_IMG_2457-1.jpg a group of 15 Chicks in. They're such curious little girls wanting to know what all that cheep, cheep, cheeping was all about. Here's a pic th_IMG_24092.jpg of chicks going out to the chicken enclousre to get some air while I clean out their cages. My Speckled Sussex and Buff Orpingtons are just the sweetest chickens, they're great egg layers at the same time very broody and great mothers at the same time they're curious and friendly. They are also very winter hearty and good meat birds. Here's a sweet Speckled Sussex pullet almost posing for the camera I'm holding... IMG_24182.jpg I hatched These chicks and they were a nice quality bird and very pretty! I'll have to look up the breeder who I'd gotten the eggs from so I can name her here, she was wonderful to deal with and had a wonderful selection breeds to choose from for hatching eggs.