Monitoring your pullet

By BammyGold · Aug 20, 2017 ·
  1. BammyGold
    Many articles have been written on pullets and how to manage them....the amazing fact still remains u have a personal study f your birds and know their needs, ranging from feeds,water and hygiene. I tried my hand on one pullet and it's been fun all the way : at about 4month 21 weeks she gave me her first egg and I switched from the usual grower pellets to a layer feed pellets. 7 days she marvelled me with Consistent dropping of small eggs and one daily so I decided to step up the fun a little, IMG_20170813_141400.jpg IMG_20170817_070859_edit.jpg IMG_20170813_141400.jpg IMG_20170817_070859_edit.jpg IMG_20170820_074601.jpg IMG_20170820_075113.jpg I switched her feed to layers marsh and behold two magnificent observations were made. The first was the colour of the dropping changed and I got a larger egg. Am so happy cos I wish I can experiment more Bt am scared the change might not be as anticipated which might hurt. So if u are out there and u feel I need to spice up my game pls reply me or jst inbox u all

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