Monks Chicken Coop

Nice coop. Would like to see more details on the build. And I would replace the chicken wire with hardware cloth.
Thanks! I don't have much other details, it's basically a 4' x 6' raised coop. Hardware cloth is a good idea, I had a mink get in and killed four of my birds in one night. There is a swamp about 300 yards behind the coop and had a hedge row that ran from the swamp to the coop. But since then the hedge row has been removed there has been no issues with mink. If you do have any questions, I'd be glad to answer them the best I can. This coop has been in place for 11 years now, working as intended and everything is hold up well.
What are the dimensions of the coop and dimensions of the run? About how much did you spend in material cost? How long did it take you to build the coop and how many chickens do you have room for?
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