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  1. moodusnewchick
    rooben, the murderous jersey girl dely
    DSCN0898.jpg DSCN0901.jpg DSCN0903.jpg
    buffy tina cross beak, "lil' friendly"
    DSCN0906.jpg DSCN0907.jpg DSCN0930.jpg
    buck rooben and buffy/i silkies
    DSCN0908.jpg DSCN0933.jpg DSCN0937.jpg
    buck silkies partridge cutie
    DSCN0914.jpg DSCN0942.jpg DSCN0948.jpg
    buck dina, gina, polishes and meaties
    DSCN0908.jpg DSCN0950.jpg
    buck RIR bantam mama
    DSCN0910.jpg DSCN0917.jpg
    buck bucks
    DSCN0911.jpg DSCN0920.jpg
    fake buck buffi
    DSCN0912.jpg DSCN0927.jpg
    buck delli
    DSCN0913.jpg DSCN0928.jpg
    the teens

    "Protection" Mama RIR, her buckeye babies, tina's in there somewhere too DSCN0573.jpg

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