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By Morri · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Morri
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    Welcome To My Hobby Farm,
    This is my page dedicated to my pets, who have all touched me throughout my life in their individual ways...
    Thank you to all the pets who I have owned but have now moved on.
    Introducing my disabled peachick..... Peirre!
    One of my ducks.... Delilah!
    Daisy the OEG chick...
    My other pets... :D
    Dudley the staffy X lab that we found...
    Tess the golden retriever who i busked at the local mall for the money to buy her as a kid...
    Albert George Sydney the Boer goatling...
    and i will soon get pics of the horses and chickens...
    Peace out & i love BYC!!!​

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