Riverside Farms
Ken & Tracey
We have 4 Acres on a river in Central Indiana. I was raised on a small farm with 200 chickens, 100 pigs, 3 horses and a few cows. Missing the farm life so much I turned an old out building a customer paid me to remove, into a Coop. I ran underground water lines, built nesting box's, wired lights with timers, heated auto-fill water fountains(no carrying water in the winter) Electric fence border to prevent predators from diging or jumping on the fence. That is were the Motel Chix name came from. I ordered 30 chickens in March-07 from Mt Healthy Hatchery and purchased 10 EE hens in November-07. I have raised 250 Ringneck Pheasants and released them this summer. My wife thinks I am crazy, but she sure loves the fresh eggs. We now have about 100, 45 hens and the rest chicks I have hatched(09) We have been getting at least 2-3 dozen eggs a day and selling them for $2.50 per dozen to help with feed cost. We got our first green/blue egg on Dec 6, 2007. I made a Homemade Bator out of a lab warmer and 3 egg turners. Had my first hatch Dec 9th 2007 hatched 33 out of 40 fertile eggs, Hatched about 45 as of Jan-08. Just finished a Whizbang Plucker worked great! Sept-08 Processed about 50 meat birds- It worked Great!!
I have 3 sons and 2 daughters that keep me busy. Only my youngest daughter is interested in the chickens.
Daughter Makenna My Biggest Helper
My incubator
Homemade Whizbang Plucker​