I am a 13 year old girl living in Western New York.
My love of chickens first started a few summers ago when i saw the fluffiest cutest little chickens running around my grandma's yard that had came over to visit. It was love at first sight. BYC was one of the first chicken sites i found and i love it! Anywayss, I started off with 5 Golden comets and a RIR for eggs and now have 53 chickens of all sorts only one year later! Other animals i have are a mini Schnauzer named Stanley. A cat, Oreo. 8 fish,1 cockitiel, Dusty A Russian tortoise, Stewie, And 1 button quail named bunny! I absolutely love my animals. Hopefully i can get some pictures on soon when i have some time. :) Thanks, Byee :D