February 2011
Outside of the brooder.

Inside the brooder.

Checking the temperature.

March 1st 2011

Roost I built using a dowel rod from the craft store and 2 blocks of wood.

Checking out the new Ramp I built them

On top of the jar.

Brooder has doubled in size.

"Fun Run," I built from Jenga blocks, kids blocks and glue.

Their combs are developing.

Henrietta*(she turned into a Black Australorp)

Chicks First Day Out.

Exploring their new world.

2 Headed Chick

Just Kidding.......

Giving me the "Stinkeye!"

He is growing up, 13+ weeks old and starting to crow.....
(still giving me the Stinkeye)

Mr. Rooster getting all grown up.

May 2011~
Brooder is starting to look more and more like a coop.
Needs Painted, a roof and other minor adjustements.

Roof is framed up.

Roof is on, needs shingles and the coop is painted 8-2011.

Pennsylvania State Henitentiary