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By MountainGoat · Jan 18, 2015 · Updated Jan 18, 2015 ·
  1. MountainGoat
    My swap items:

    Hatching Eggs:

    Chantecler: I only have white, they are hatched from a Birch Run batch owned by a local rare breed fancier.

    Farmyard mix: chantecler rooster over chantecler, copper marans, cream legbar, and lavendar ameraucana hens

    Home Canned Foods:

    Pint Curried green tomato pickle slices (from a recipe on Michael Ruhlman's website)

    Pint Cumin Spiced Yellow Squash Pickles
    (the recipe for those is on my blog if you want it)

    Pint Fermented/Canned Sauerkraut (from the Ball canning book)

    Pint Chow-chow (Local old-time recipe. I don't have it online yet but I can include it with the jar on request.)

    Pint Suet-free Mincemeat: Dried cranberries, currants, and sultanas, almonds, rum, brown sugar, spices, orange zest, apples, cider.

    1/2 Pint Jams: strawberry rhubarb with rosewater (pictured), grape, pear vanilla bean, charoses (apples, grape juice, almonds, honey, cinnamon)

    Pint Apple Butter: Made in a copper cauldron over an open fire. One of my favorite events of the year.

    Garden Seeds

    Appalachian heirloom seeds - calico crowder pea (pictured below), Leaming yellow dent corn, Orinoco tobacco, Myers family beans, crazy bean, rattlesnake bean, Old Joe Clark bean, greasy back bean, brown greasy bean

    Other garden seeds - dill, basil, cockscomb (pictured below), marigold, parsnip, sugar baby watermelon, butternut squash, Chinese long bean

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