I'm just getting going with poultry. I'm hoping to breed rare heritage breeds. I'm a High School science teacher (BS Biology Chemistry minor) and a dairy farmer. I raise registered Brown Swiss. I'm also an avid Hosta hybridizer. Location: Rowley, Iowa

I have been around Poultry most of my life, but chickens were not allowed in my hometown. When I graduated college and bought a house, one of the first things I did was buy chickens. I have mostly had mutts, but am hoping to breed here starting this Fall or winter.

I like rare and unusual poultry. Crested, naked neck, giants, ...I really want to focus on the rare as well as put my Biology background to the test and start a project or two.

Currently I have: a pair of Pearl Guineas (and eggs in the bator), a fawn crested duck, her hybrid mate, and their two sons (not crested), a Royal Palm Tom, a Narragansetthen, 5 growing African Goslings, 3 Embden Goslings, a mutt rooster (looks like a bantam x standard), 4 mutt hens, 1 red EE (looks like a production red), and chicks (BBS Cochin, SQ BBS Ameraucana, Welsummer, FBC Maran, Buckeye, and Gold Laced Polish.)

Looking for: All SQ Jersey Giants, Langshan, Silver Wyandotte, Various Polish, Speckled Sussex, Golden Lakenvelder (secret reasons), and Orpingtons.
My Iowa Blue


Hatching Eggs available $1.50 per egg plus shipping. Contact me for more information.
My Gold Laced Polish just started laying on 20 November 2011. When fertility is confirmed, eggs will be $2.00 per egg plus shipping. I only have a pair at this point. Pictures to follow.