MrsCOS's Red Laced Blue Wyandottes
Born March 28th
I have 2 dark and 2 light color'd birds. I dont know thier sex, so its a guessing game at this point.
I have enjoyed my first few weeks with them, despite them not livng with me. I go out and see them about every 3 days. They live on a free range chicken farm about 7 miles from my house. They are currently living with 80 other chicks and growing SO FAST!! It shocks me each time i see them.
This is the day i brought them home.

On thier Two Week birthday, they had thier second photoshoot.

My Chicks turn 3 week old today, and i didnt get to go out and see them. I hope to do it tomorrow (4/15).When i saw them on friday, they were starting to get thier neck feathers.