Little Homestead
In The Big City

Welcome to my page!!! I don't have much here yet, but I do plan on adding more as I remember to.

There isn't all that much to our Homestead. We own a small home smack dab in the center of town, about a five minute walk from downtown. If the chickens listen real close at night they can get funky to the sounds of a local nightclub's dance mix and DJ. I really should concider a disco ball for their coop. We are however somewhat incognito as noone would know that we have our girls at all as it stands right now. People are quite surprised. They expected to smell them and to hear them making all kinds of racket. The disco ball would invite the nightlife. Then there would be a cover charge and a liquor license would have to be applied much for incognito. The neighbors that do know, expect eggs.

Our coop, made all with recycled, reclaimed and regifted materials was built my my wonderful hubby Labor Day weekend. The girls have a large coop with an area to run, all screened in. Complete with dustbath pit. It's in the process of being painted.

The girls are:
Dixie: An Easter Egger mutt
Daisy: A Buff Orpington
Delta: A Black Australorp maybe?
Dizzy: A Barred Rock

The names and living arrangements are subject to change as I am unsure of the genders thus far. The city won't allow roosters so as long as they don't crow they may stay. At this moment they are a little over 10 weeks. I should know soon enough.

And in the incubator resides 8 soon to be silkie chicks

Apart from chickens we have two dogs, a beagle and a border collie, parakeets and cockatiels, holland lop bunnies, a "pond" of goldfish, and three homeschooled children.

I am a crafter. I love, love love creating things. I enjoy knit, crochet, quilting, painting...I could go on and on. But I will show off some of my chicken related egg painting.