FIRST EGG - 7/7/09 from Golden Comet, 19 weeks old, name: Comet

Here is her first egg: Here is our daughter eating the 1st egg:

The girls doing a little free ranging in the evening:

My suspicions have been confirmed! My 13 week old White Silkie is a roo. He crowed for the first time on the day he turned 13 weeks old. It sounded a little rough but he did it three times and was a clear cock-a-doodle-do. He's such a funny little guy and we sure do love him. Here he is, our Bert:

It's amazing how fast they grow. Here he is at only 3 or 4 weeks:

I spent Memorial Day weekend landscaping around the coop & run. Here's my progress. I can't wait to see it all in full bloom:​

The girls have been in their big girl home for a week now and are so happy. They have so much room and love stretching their wings in the run when it's nice out.

The coop is ready and the chicks will be heading into it this week. I covered the run as well since this photo was taken and we are covering the bottom of the coop so nothing can get underneath.
(That's my wonderful husband who agreed to all this craziness and then went ahead and did all the work making my little dream a reality. He's the best!)

Here are my girls. They are about five - six weeks here. I have two Golden Comets, 1 Easter Egger, 1 Black Sexlink, 1 White Silkie, & 1 Belgian Quail Antwerp.

I spent a few hours yesterday digging the trench around the run so we can start installing the fence today. It was a lot of work but I've been very motivated to get this stuff done so I can bring the hen's home.

We had a chance to visit our birds yesterday when we stopped by the farm to pick up our pork. Here's me actually holding a chicken for the first time. Awww... (**Sadly these pullets didn't work out. They all a became very sick the week I was to bring them home. We had them for four days but it was a lost cause so back they went and a week later I adopted my six little ones at 3 weeks of age. I sure hope the pullets pulled through their illness. We enjoyed them the short time we had them.**)

And here are the rest of the chickens...four more of which are mine...

Here's a picture of the new chicken coop, my first ever, we purchased at a farm in CT. I still need to paint it and build a run before we can bring the girls home this spring.

We will be setting up in this corner of our back yard.
Hopefully by end of March to mid-April we'll be bringing home 4 - 5 pullets. We've tagged a Easter Egger, Buff Orrington, Barred Rock and what we think is a Black Astrolorp. I have a feeling I'll end up leaving with a fifth being a Rhode Island Red.