Well, here goes for starting a page, and figuring out how this thing works. I have a grand total of 9 chickens currently, and will add picks of them as I get the hang of a page. : ) My chickens are soon going to be living at a different farm, since my mom has decided to hate my boys. As payment, I owe the woman 25+ chickies, which are going to be arriving May 29th-June 3rd. Although they are hers, I plan on hatching eggs from this assorted bunch, as well as claiming any favorite chickens as my own, never to be eaten.

This is Tuffy, my EE from Murray McMurray. I got him for one of my birthdays, and he is almost four years old. He's a really sweet guy, I've used him at a summer camp so that children could handle a chicken for the first time.


This is (left to right) Butterball, Ash, Speckles, Baldina, Moonshine.
Butterball is a Buff Orpington I got in the same batch as Tuffy, as is Baldina, the Black Australorp. Ash is an EE(Tuffy) mixed with a BSL. Speckles is a Buff Orp. X SLW. Moonshine is Speckles X Tuffy.