Mumble The One And Only

By Matilda hen · Sep 14, 2012 · ·
  1. Matilda hen
    This is mumbles story:
    3rd of april

    , mothers day , Mumble hatched! He was the first chick i ever saw in real life , and i had incubated him! He was the only one to hatch.[​IMG]
    He soon became the baby , and slept in my room every night! [​IMG]
    Evanbtualley he started sleeping IN THE BED WITH ME!! i loves him so much , he was like a best friend , he had definatley made his place in the family. [​IMG][​IMG]


    .He loved me too , and even as he grew older , he didnt join in with the other chickens but followed me around all day! Never leaving me! I was very young when he hatched , but as i got older with him i understood more about chickens , and how special he was! Mumble was the friendliest rooster ive ever met , and lived in the house! he even slept with me as a big rooster (involved a LOT of cleaning , but anyway -_-) and i couldnt sit down , and he would swiftly hop on my lap , then lie down and sleep while being petted! He didnt even show too much intrest in hens , unless i put him in the middle of them and walked away.
    Mumble was a Scots Dumpy X RIR , and scots dumpys carry gene problems , and hatching problems so i think mumble wasnt too right in the head , his comb , and tail never grew to its full size , and he had a growth on his comb! at first i thought hes just slow maturing but it never grew :/ He was still a handsome devil of a rooster though , and very tall and bulky!
    [​IMG]Mumble , unfortuantley was killed by a dog though , when i was shopping! I was extremely upset , and will always miss him , but his time with us meant soi much , he was so amazing and loved me so much , i mean he actually loved me , i dont know what went on in his head unfortuantley but he wouldnt leave me , if i was at all upset he would get very stressed and he chose me over instinct! RIP , i will never forget him EVER!

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  1. christine91129
    Lovely little guy <3
  2. jennyworley35
    Very sweet!!!
  3. Matilda hen
    awh , thanks guys! and mac14 thats cute! mumble was supposed to just be like the others , but he was too special! and leslie , your leslie d joyce from the facebook group joyce farms chicken coop right? thanks guys :)
  4. LeslieDJoyce
    What a lovely tribute to your special little guy. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Mac14
    Awwww. Ya, the next time I get any chicks one of them is going to be that special one. We have a chicken named Mumble, except this Mumble is a hen and is a Black Australorp. She is the front one in my avatar, she is VERY bossy, love her though. Sorry you had to go through that.

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