My 5 minute Homemade Chicken Feeder
Made from recycled and re-purposed items

If you have looked at the other BYC pages or my blog, you will see that I am big into reusing stuff I have around the house or garage or anything I can recycle whenever it is practical. This is my chicken feeder that took less than five minutes to throw together.


Items used:
  • Empty White Distilled Vinegar Jug - 1 gallon size
  • Round take out food container/ bottom half (from a big salad at costco my mother had) About two inches deep.
  • Knife
  • Discarded chain for hanging a retro light fixture/ Chandelier
  • Drill with bits
  • Wire cutters or pliers to pull apart links in chain
  • 3 screws with matching sized bolts to hold jug and dish together

  • 1. Cut 3 small 1 inch sized holes in the bottom of the jug for the feed to spill out of into the dish.
  • 2. Cut the top off the jug.
  • 3. Drill through the base dish into the bottom of the jug in 3 places.
  • 4. Reach inside the jug and add screws through the pre-drilled holes.
  • 5. Secure screws with bolts
  • 6. Cut or drill holes in the top portion of the jug to feed the chain through. I used 4 lengths, but 3 could work also.
  • 7. Cut lengths of chain to create a hanger and reconnect together through the holes in the top of the jug.
  • 8. Fill and hang in coop.

Costs: No items were purchased for this project.
What I would change: *This incorporated the change. It is my second one of this type and the previous one had a frisbee for the base. I like this one better because the base is deeper on the take out dish and closer to the jug making it harder for the chickens to bill the feed out.