My Alpha Female has the runs, HELP.

By Koodra · Jun 2, 2014 · ·
  1. Koodra
    I have 4 girls who are almost 3 months old
    and they have a 40 sq ft 2 level coop/run
    and are free-ranged 2-4 times a day.

    Last week the alpha female ameraucana Cleo came down with the runs.
    I went to the local feed stores looking for CORID. They had none, didn't want
    to stock it, weren't interested in helping me. <SIGH>. Called Marial the makers of CORID
    and they said buy it at
    I looked up possible symptioms and basically got aspergillosis (mold) or coccidious.
    I did spread a bale of partly moldy hay in the garden to keep it more moist.
    So this seems consistent withe the moldy hay.

    I called the amazing hatchery guy I got my girls from as they are vaxed for Coccidiosis
    and he told me that they probably go into something. (I do have a garden and compost
    bins they like to free range in as well as that kinda moldy hay in the sun.)
    He recommended any Sulpha Antibiotic. Give it to them for 5 days in their water
    Then give them probiotics for 1 week + Electrolytes and Vitamins. I ordered all this on the 2nd day this was going on.
    (Wed last week) and am still waiting for it to get here (Sunday) Cleo still has the runs. I thought hmm, well when that
    happens to us we get the BRATS diet. Bananas, apples, rice and toast. I have been
    given Cleo, applesauce with yogurt and rice with yogurt which she likes as well as pedialyte which she doesn't like,
    but will tollerate 10 cc's of. Also gave the, water/chick probiotics for 2 days. After the rice, she does firm up a bit, but then goes runny again. I am giving her extra water, fruit, rice. She is still eating her feed, but has sort of taken a willing demotion in the flock. She is less aggressive, more meek and allows others first crack at treats like watermelon and scratch or mealworms, not so bossy anymore.
    She is less interested in food and water, but does still eat on her own, treats as well as feed. And I do take her on her own
    and give her extra water, 10 ccs of pedialyte and rice with yogurt. She is just not herself.
    I am doing my best to tide her over until her medicine gets here. She pants a lot even when it is not hot and that is when start to I give hermore fluids and food and she still has the runs. But the panting isn't all the time, mostly the evenings before bed, when i pick her up and when it gets above 80F, but sometimes just randomly and when no one else is panting or having the runs.

    Anyway, I am a first timer here and Advice is welcome.
    Thank you for your consideration and time.

    Chicken Momma to: 3 month old more or less:
    Cleopatra (Black Ameraucana) Dominant
    Princess Leia (Production Red)
    Queen Amidala a.k.a. Amy (French Copper Maran)
    Padmé (Blue Laced Red Wyandotte)

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  1. vehve
  2. Koodra
    And yes the first thing I did was clean the coop. I cleaned everything out, mopped, sprayed, scrubbed everything and instituted - no more shavings on the bottom floor/run where they spend the majority of the confinement, when they are confined. ( I let them out a lot though.) We have sand now. Much easier to clean and see droppings clearly now. I know who's poop is who's based on their roost lineup, so I know kinda how everyone is doing. The henhouse still has shavings, but they are not old enough to lay yet - thinking July. They have taken to sleeping outside on the top roost instead of the henhouse top roost. I clean the droppings 2-3 times a day and compost them. So we are pretty clean here. Waiting on meds and trying to keep Cleo Comfortable.

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