My AMAZING BYC Friends!!!

I have so many friends on here and wanted to dedicate this to all my BYC friends!
By caboodleschicks · Jul 12, 2017 · Updated Nov 18, 2017 · ·
  1. caboodleschicks
    I have so many friends on here and wanted to dedicate this to all my BYC friends!

    Great/fun to talk to!

    @Clare Marie
    She's such a great person to talk to!

    She's sweet and fun to talk to!

    Funny, fun to talk to, and is friends with Ash Stripe

    @Bills vs Beaks and @TheKindaFarmGal
    They make sure you are matched with someone! They make everyone make sure they're eyes can roll properly!

    She wants a chicken for a president and is determined to get one. :p I don't talk to her much, but when I do, she makes me smile.

    She's my sister and one of my best friends... Also if she wasn't on here she'd get mad. JK!!!

    She is so fun to talk to! I also love her user! :p

    @CP Chicken
    Shes someone I meet and just kept talking to. Her turkens are kinda scary, but awesome and so unique! Hope you went to a good home Star Lord! :p

    If you got a question go to Dan. He has helped with everything with my ducks! I would already been dead, because I thought my ducks were going be dead, but he stepped in and said, "They're fine." Remember the soap accident?

    @HeavensHens88 and @WildRunningWing
    They make sure you hit that number that you want to reach on likes! :p They are also great friends!

    I met her when I was being sarcastic to my sister and she didn't know we were sisters. She is a very loyal friend!

    She was a great friend! I almost want to cry that I can't talk to her anymore. She will always remain one of my best friends! Great times with you Laura! :hugs

    Love her user and BTW, love the new avatar! She's fun to be with and if I got this right, she ate heavenshen's good! I forgive you Meg! :p

    You are super fun to talk to! I love the username! I know I say that a lot on these, but I can't help what I like!

    I don't talk to her anymore. I have no clue where she went, but she was one of the first to welcome me! I love talking to her and would like to keep talking to her. I just have to find her first!

    THE GREAT GAME MAKER!!!!!!!!! I love all your games!!! You are fun to talk to, as well!

    I love all the pictures and gifs she post! There's some good moments with her. Like the time she was terrifying me with creepy doggy photos!!!

    She is really fun to talk to! She lives in Alaska, witch is AWESOME!!! She is so adventurous that it is scary. I wish you the greatest on not getting hurt by any bears! :p

    @The Angry Hen
    Her user is awesome, she is fun to talk to and she's got some really cute chickens, according to her avatar! :p

    @The Duck Ladie
    I love talking to her and I love how she spells Ladie! :p

    I met her, because I asked what duck breed was on her avatar and that's where it all began and I'm still getting to know her! :D So far she is super fun!

    @micah wotring
    He is hilarious and keeps everyone's humor up and at it! :p He's also a great friend!

    I can't believe I forgot you! He is a great friend and kind! And I think everyone can agree... He has the most awesome name ever! :p

    Thanks y'all for taking the time to read this! I spent like an hour or so on it! :th

    I would have loved to add my best friend on here, but he is no longer on social media for now. But, I will tell some about him...
    He's sweet, amazing, wonderful to talk to!! He has a great since of humor! I love talking to him! He's an AMAZING friend!!

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  1. vachick15
    Aww! Thank you so much!
    1. caboodleschicks
      You're welcome!
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  2. RiverStorm
    Thanks! Right back at you!
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    2. caboodleschicks
      You're welcome.
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    3. RiverStorm
      Okay! Thanks! :)
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    4. caboodleschicks
      You're welcome! :)
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  3. DuckPro
    Okay! I'll come back on tomorrow (or today) as I have to go. Have a lovely day!
    1. caboodleschicks
      Done replying! :p Okay! She's you then. I'll try, you too! :)
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  4. DuckPro
    Sorry I just did. Shall I delete it?
    1. caboodleschicks
      No! You're good! :D Hold on one second. I have to answer something.
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  5. DuckPro
    Thanks! I can PM u if u want?
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    1. caboodleschicks
      Um, I'm not allowed to PM many people. Could we just talk on a tread for now? :) I'll see what I can do about PMing you. :D
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  6. DuckPro
    Nice article!
    I'm not mad u didn't mention me so... U don't have to add me :)
    Great article!
    1. caboodleschicks
      Thanks! :D I'm glad you're not mad! :) Would you like to talk some on a tread? I like talking to you! :) Just never got a chance to do so a lot. :(
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  7. LauraBrown
    Awe... thanks Autumn!!! I'll miss talking to you so much!!!! :hugs
    Maybe I'll be able to get on once in awhile :)
    1. sassysarah
      Wait! You're not going to be online anymore? Nooooooo!
    2. caboodleschicks
  8. sassysarah
    Wait! Why is Laura not online anymore???????
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    1. sassysarah
      Where is Laura?????
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    2. LauraBrown
      I'll PM you Sara..
    3. caboodleschicks
      She is trying to get back on, but I'm not sure if she can yet. It was a password issue.
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  9. sassysarah
    Thank you very much!!!!!! You're awesome!!!!
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    1. caboodleschicks
      You're welcome!!!
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  10. CP Chicken
    Thank you very much caboodleschicks!!!! I appreciate it!! You're a great friend!!!
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    1. caboodleschicks
      YW! You are too! :D
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  11. BYCforlife
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    2. BYCforlife
      Lol! I don't mind. :-D I commented on your blog!
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    3. caboodleschicks

      Awesome! I'll have to check that out! Thanks! :hugs
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    4. BYCforlife
  12. tastyacres
    Спасибо ты!

    Your a great friend also... *Hugs*!
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    1. caboodleschicks
      :hugs ......... What's that first part say? :p
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    2. tastyacres
      Thank you!

      It's Russian.
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    3. caboodleschicks
  13. ChickenCowboy02
    Aw, thanks CC! :D
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    1. caboodleschicks
      :D You're welcome! Just speaking the truth! :D :p
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