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My awesome flock! (Warning picture overload! lol) Unfortunately

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to name them all because I have so many Barred rocks and they all look alike but I will try my best to give you as many names as possible!

    This is Checkers, the great dust bather!! She is a very goofy hen with a lot of great and whacky personality! [​IMG]
    This is Baba! The serious down to earth hen that also likes to dust bath. <3
    Baba again with a serious look.

    Another serious look from Baba! (Lighten up) [​IMG]
    Baba in dust bath mode!
    Know name birds eating treats.
    Escape artist digging around.
    Still digging.
    Coming back! [​IMG]
    Bronco, my little man. He is truly an all around awesome fellow!
    Cosette, a Salmon Faverolle that recently had to be treated for vent gleet but she she is fine now. I love her very much.
    Marius is the "lover" of the chicken world. Always trying to mate and he loves to crow too...
    ...like that.
    Cosette before treatment
    Cosette drinking before treatment.
    Eponine drinking.
    Bronco hatching! <3
    Bella is a real loud mouth. She is always squawking but that is just her personality.
    Quite down will you. Thank you! :)
    Eating bread!

    I love them all! [​IMG]

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  1. Silver Silkie
    Love those Barred Rocks!
  2. sparkleeyes
    Just love Barred Rocks so much, can't wait to get one of my own! Love the eating bread pic!
  3. Bossy Bantams
  4. pollitaroja
    sorry i mean your pics
  5. pollitaroja
    nice flock my daughter named our barred rocks the pointer sisters we have 2 of 4 a dog killed them.love our pictures
  6. cluckcluckluke
    Very Cool MKK, congrats on CPOW!!!!
  7. stepfarms
    how do you treat vent gleet, other than teramyason crumbles? or however you spell it.
    My chickens like bread too! I give it to them in small pieces and I drop it high above thier heads. They think it is Manna from heaven.
  9. TwoCrows
    Love the barred rocks. Gotta get me some of those. :)
  10. theoldguy
    nice looking birds. i have the bantam barred rocks same personalities just smaller :)

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