My Barred Rock

  1. barredrock254
    Well, I have three Barred Rocks and they're all hens. One is overly sized and is the leader of a flock of nine chickens. Her name is Sassafrass. She lays huge double-yolks and has a deep cluck. She takes care of her flock well and squawks when there's danger. She is very warm-hearted. Once I pick her up, she immediately lays down and lets me pet her. She is one of my favorite chickens.

    The other two Barred rocks are Hawk Eye and Stripes. Hawk Eye was named when she started jumping on top of my back. I kneel down, tap may back and she hops up. She'll walk onto my shoulders, and if I have my arms in a straight line, she'll sit on my arm and roost. She has this odd high-pitched voice.
    Stripes doesn't do much. She lays eggs, but I can never hold her. she's a regular Barred rock.

    Barred rocks are very nice and docile. Mine are "okay" when being pet, but they don't like it too much. Sassafrass is a big potty mouth. She thinks she can get whatever she wants when she crows really long and loud.

    That's leader in the back, on guard, and Stripes is taking a dust bath with my two Wyandottes, Carol and Buttercup.


    Stripes taking a dust bath next to Carol.

    I don't have many pictures of Hawk Eye. I wonder why...

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