My Barred Rocks!

By Lauren Kim · Sep 25, 2017 · ·
  1. Lauren Kim
    These little beauties are my favorite pet that I have ever had. The kids pick them up fairly easily, and only one of them run away. Our chickens(pullets) are named Jacqueline, Maria, Lily, and Gillian. Jackie is always very sleepy, but like a human, she lies down on her side, with her legs stretched out on our laps. She is very sweet. Whenever she sees us, she runs to us and starts to beg for food! Maria doesn't like being chased. But she has such a funny personality. Her voice is very sing-songy, and she almost skips around her house. Maria is like the "leader" of the coop. She isn't really too bossy, but everyone else tries to stay near her. Lily has a very skinny body, she doesn't like to eat the same thing everyday! She always stays near so that we can give her watermelon, peach, or corn for a treat. Lily is always timid. Whenever a human comes near her, she starts to peep rapidly! It makes us laugh like crazy. Gillian is Lily's "twin." She is also quite skinny and when they were little, we coukd bareky tell them apart. But Gillian has the opposite personality! She loves humans. Whenever we pick her up and set her into my lap, she usually sits down immediately and tries to sleep. She lets me laugh at her fluffy butt and she always looks in the camera while we take photos! She is probably my favorite, because she tries climbs up onto my shoulder and cuddles her face into mine. And I love all of them, I think that they are amazing chickens. I totally recommend getting them for a backyard pet. They are also dual-purpose, for eggs and meat. Just get a chicken, because you cannot compare supermarket eggs to fresh farm eggs. Fresh eggs from the farm are better in ever way. In taste, in nutrition, etc. Many places allow hens these days, but not roosters. Roosters can be louder than you think, but if you are considering to buy a chicken, definitely get this breed! IMG_0016.JPG IMG_0016.JPG IMG_0016.JPG

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  1. Carol McLaine
    Theta, my barred rock is by far the bravest and most affectionate of my three. She jumps in my hand when I hold it out. Goldie, my Rhode Island Red, wins second place for giving mama love, and Greta, my colorful Easter Egger, comes in third because sometimes she "vants to be alone" and is a bit of a Drama Queen if mama reaches out for her. I love all three though.
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