My Brooder Palace

An Evolution of Chick Housing.
By aart · May 7, 2015 · Updated May 7, 2015 · ·
  1. aart
    I've built the water trough brooder,


    I've hacked and slashed the refrigerator box brooder.....

    now I wanted a Brooder Palace!

    Drew up a design, based on another members brooder, in my 3d cad model software and asked a friend to build the framework as I didn't have to tools to do so.

    We traded the woodworking for a concrete fountain...good thing as I couldn't afford to pay for his time and the materials.

    Brooder is 72" long x 30" deep x 36" tall.
    All sides of brooder will store flat or on edge about 6" thick
    Here's the frame work screwed together and a plywood bottom added. Top just sits in place.

    I added doors and latches.
    Doors are big enough to lean my upper body into and the 30" depth allows me to reach and corner of the brooder.

    I added 1/2 hardware cloth on the sides, doors and top.
    3 mil clear vinyl sheet lines the bottom and up the sides a few inches.
    Nipple waterers are attached to the inside walls.
    You can see my Pseudo Brooder Heater 'Plate' at the far end, the light on top is just for daytime lighting as it's rather dim in the room facing north.
    I use sand and PDZ for bedding and a tote lid to set food and water on for the first week of the chicks lives.

    Bonus video:

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  1. rita2paul
    i love this, brilliant.

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