My chicken adventure

By RonC · May 29, 2016 · ·
  1. RonC
    It all started with a trip to TSC for something, Back in February 2012. I can't even remember what it was I went for. It as chick days. I couldn't help myself, all the cute little peeps. Before I knew it there were six red pullets sitting in a box next to me on the way home with a chick starter set. Got them home and where to put them? My ingenuity would be tested. Ah, the bathtub with a heating pad to keep them warm. A Whitman sampler box, a towel and a heating pad and they were comfy.[​IMG]

    How long before I need something better? Off to the storage shed to find some old window screens and welded wire fencing. I envisioned a brooder. A few hours later I had my brooder, off to get a heat lamp bulb. Amazingly they survived the first 24 hours and were in their ugly but secure brooder. I need help! A web search and I found a website called Backyard Chickens. Hooray for help. A coop was going to be needed soon! They grew much faster than I remembered from my youth. Nothing big for my flock. Too warm a climate. The humble Purina coop. Being me I had to modify it for my Texas weather with summer coming. Added some ventilation at the top.
    . [​IMG]
    Now a run for them. Four T post and the rest of some old welded wire fencing and it was complete before my chooks needed it. Daily field trips for the young ones was in store, They enjoyed the sun and grass as they grew.. After banging my head on the nest boxes checking on them the coop needed more modification. Move the nest boxes to the rear. How could this be accomplished for minimum costs? Turn the front over and put it on the back. Cut a new door in what was the back and put it on the front. Life was good. Reading post in the forums there was talk of predators. Surely my beagle could handle any unwanted guests! Nothing worse thn a neighbors cat could be expected. Nope he was afraid of the chicks. A more secure run was in store! The mystical hoop coop looked like the answer! Wait, I needed another low cost solution. One roll of welded wire fencing, some 2x4's and some PVC electrical conduit and problem solved. It had a roof. At 5 months they started laying. One egg so thin it cracked when I picked it up. Then there was a second, and a third. Too many eggs to eat now. Everyone I knew had eggs. To be continued!

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  1. Whittni
    Those are super cute chicks!

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