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By HERSHORTNESS · Sep 6, 2018 · ·
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    This was designed by me (after much research and changes along the way). It was a family build project. And the color was picked out by my 5 year old (who was the one who desperately wanted chickens). The floor has sheet vinyl installed for easy cleanup. I have since, installed pvc tube feeders and grit feeder in the run. I have a 4 gallon bucket with the side mounted poultry nipples outside in the run. The run is 5' x 12' and 66" tall and the coop is 5' x 4' and 48" tall. It is covered with 1/2" hardware cloth (sides and top) and has a skirt that extends out at least 12". This is currently the home to 10 bantam chicks of different breeds. Some roosters may need rehomed when they reveal themselves and when we pick the one or ones we want to keep. As you can tell, the chicks are getting used to their roost. I will add nest boxes inside the coop when the time comes and when I know exactly how many hens I have.

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  1. N F C
    "Nice Build"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Sep 9, 2018
    Looks like a nice coop! It would have been helpful to see more details on how it was constructed, cost, etc.
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  2. Dmontgomery
    "Excellent build"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Sep 9, 2018
    The coop looks great. Good job of attaching the hardware cloth and skirting all around. As long as you don’t have any large predators it should be nice and secure. Piano hinges on the upper ventilation are well done. I wish you had more pictures during the construction so people with less building experience could see the process. This is a design lots of chicken owners would want to copy.
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  3. bantamsrmyfav
    "Nice to see a variety of bantams"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Sep 7, 2018
    Great choice of bantams! Nice coop! I hope you don't get too many roosters so your son can keep most of them.
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  1. TropicalBabies
    Bravo family, job well done!!!! Great location, well thought out with auto feeders and heat. I like your roost and your chickens look super happy and ridiculously cute! Have fun!!
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  2. N F C
    Looks good & I like the color!
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