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My Chicken Pickens

By backwoodslady · Jun 6, 2012 · Updated Jun 6, 2012 ·
  1. backwoodslady
    [​IMG]I have 17 chickens, 13 are 9 months old, they are 4 old english bantam hens, 1 old english bantam roo. 1 barred rockbantam roo. 1barred rockbantam hen,1 black frizzle bantamhen.,1 maran hen,1game hen 3 black cochin hens. 4 are 3weeks old they are belgian quailbantams,not sure of the gender yet,My barred roo is named rowtow, he is a sweet roo,my other roo the old english is a meanie,his name is screech. Rowtow protects me from screech, when he is on the attack when im in the chicken coop.or they are out free ranging.My frizzle is named sweet pea,she's short and her feathers shake when she waddles around.I enjoy raising chickens and watching the differences in the breeds personalities. [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

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