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By tlshaw2000 · Apr 24, 2015 · Updated Apr 24, 2015 · ·
  1. tlshaw2000

    I got my first 4 chickens in late march from a breeder in the area.. From what I was told I got 2 isa browns, a black orphington, and a handsome hershey rooster. One brown laid an egg while being transported home lol and has every day but 2. I call her Miss Prissy, (anyone get the reference lol)

    I got 6 more hens from what i think was a chicken mill or something. They were horrible looking when i got them they were molting something awful. Didnt even really know how to be chickens. It was sad But now their feathers are growing in and they are getting along with the other hens and the rooster is being good with them including mating them. One problem i am having is my black orphington is very bossy still. Her name is Rhonda not sure why it just stuck.

    Last week i got 3 eggs, squeal lol and today i got 4. Im do excited. Just got to figure out breeds and whos laying The eggs.


    My girls love treats but found out today how the little girl in Jurassic Park 2 felt when she was swarmed lol. We had chicken wings last night. I kept the bones in a ziploc bag. I was barely out the door when 9 hens came running at me full speed and had me surrounded before the bag was open lol. Never seen them go quite that nuts and they steal from poor hershy the rooster too lol.

    We are in Southern Alberta on an acreage where there is lots of free ranging for them and built the cadillac of hen house for them lol. Well what my pocket book can afford lol.

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  1. tlshaw2000
    Ill try putting my troublemaker dseparate from the others and see if that helps.

    My main concern about the eggs and whose laying is 1 im hopping for a broody hen. 2 we love eggs and use them alot. Would prefer my own over bying.

    I will post pictures of the coop tomorrow or so.

    Thanks for the info. Im already thinking about what to get next lol. Possibly turkeys or cornish game hens lol. Its terribly addicting.
  2. crazyfeathers
    My suggestions for what it's worth lol are, Rhonda needs to be put in her place and the best way that i have found is to remove her from the coop or the flock for about a week, this will change the pecking order hopefully when she is reunited with her flock mates she will be knocked down a few pegs in the peckng order. I think we all have that one sassy hen, i do and the lower ranking hens don't even like to come out of the coop because of her. What she doesn't know is that when she's in the run I'm in the coop giving special treats, ha jokes on her. Your egg count issue, i have no clue. I keep chickens because i like them and count the eggs as an extra bonus. I know most of the layers but my older girls are questionable but they are good broody hens so it's all good. My name is crazyfeathers and i am a chicken addict lol. Best of luck and thank you for taking in the battery hens! Pictures of coop please..

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