My Chicken's Winter Run

This is pictures of my hens' run. My Mom built it for them and I helped. :D My Mom used hog panels as the covering, put in some supports, fenced around it to keep predators out, covered it with plastic, then lastly put metal roofing on top to keep the snow out. This is the first time of us using the plastic on a chicken run and the first time my Mom has ever built a chicken run that looks like this. :)

So, here it is:

The outside of it.



Going into the coop. The door for the run is on the right.


Looking out their door into the run.


Inside the run.



And last of all, the lovely ladies that the run was built for.


~Lacy Duckwing
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Lacy Duckwing
Since 2011 I have been raising, breeding and hatching, loving, studying, and even learning from chickens- Standard and Bantam, though mostly Standard. I also enjoy studying the wild Swedish/Mallard ducks of Moosehead Lake, Maine, every summer. I do photography of chickens, ducks, gulls, along other birds, and sometimes scenery and people. I also enjoy writing. I currently live in Maine with my family, chickens, and dog named Sterling.

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Beautiful coop! I would love more details such as nesting box placement and roosts!
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Lacy Duckwing
Lacy Duckwing
The nesting box and the roosts are in the coop. I am thinking about putting some roosts in this run, but it's undecided so far.
Great idea and I love all of the pictures!
This looks great! Be sure to keep a thermometer in there. It may inadvertently turn into a green house and overheat the birds.
Lacy Duckwing
Lacy Duckwing
Thanks! I'll put one in there.


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